About Stork


Stork IVF Hospital is a professional third-generation IVF center in Thailand.Helping infertile women around the world become mothers.

Healthy Offspring Is The Future Of A Family. It Is Stork's Mission To Help Families With Genetic Diseases To Have Healthy Offspring. It Is Stork's Mission To Improve The Society's Awareness And Understanding Of Prenatal And Postnatal Care In Families With Genetic Diseases, To Help Families With Genetic Diseases To Produce Healthy Offspring, And To Prevent The Development Of Genetic Diseases. Transmission In The Family.

  • Infertility Of Various Causes
  • Family Genetic Disease
  • Precise And High-Quality Embryo Selection
  • People With Special Needs

Our mission


We are committed to being the industry leader in Surrogracy.

We ensure that our donor germ cells and storage services are of the highest quality. We will always strive to improve our processes and quality systems.

We are committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of all parties, including future generations, clients and donors.